• Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design
    • Superior penetration
    • Non lead, SCS® (solid copper spun) bullet

Fort Scott Munitions® .380 ACP TUI® ammo is a match grade handgun bullet, designed to be reassuringly effective for self-defense. Engineered to Tumble Upon Impact®and create a dynamic wound cavity, the unique, patented design of our .380 ACP TUI® pistol ammunition penetrates targets deeply.

Reliably Accurate

If you carry a small caliber handgun, you know your life will depend on accurate bullet placement. Fort Scott Munitions® ammo provides impressive ballistic performance to ensure that your aim will be as true in a critical situation as it is on the range. Our precision machined projectiles and intensive attention to detail during the loading process give us some of the tightest tolerances on the market, subsequently leading to rounds that are inherently more accurate than even high end lead ammunition producers. Coupled with our Multi-Patented TUI® technology, you get a round that packs a HUGE punch in a small package. 


Our Tumble Upon Impact® ammunition delivers peace of mind in any scenario and is the ideal choice when you need large caliber effectiveness from a compact and easily concealable handgun. Upon entry into soft tissue, the bullet will begin to tumble causing an absolutely devastating wound track. The energy dispensed by the round through hydro-static shock is enough to tear and damage vital organs and disrupt major bodily functions. Once this energy is released the risks of over penetration have been mitigated significantly. 


The precision accuracy and terminal performance of .380 ACP TUI® ammo make it suitable for law enforcement and security work as well as for civilian home protection and self-defense. The Tumble Upon Impact® action reduces the risk of over penetration and subsequent collateral harm. This is an essential factor when you need to use your weapon in the proximity of innocent bystanders.

.380 ACP TUI® ammunition is constructed of 100% solid copper using the finest components. In situations where lives are on the line, you can draw your weapon with complete confidence knowing your ammo will not compromise your skills. 


– Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces